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Five top holiday destinations to explore in 2019

Five top holiday destinations to explore in 2019

As the weather starts turning colder, November is the perfect time for planning your holiday in 2019. Here are five ideas to get you started.

Vienna, Austria – for a laid-back city break

Vienna, Austria

If you love nothing more than exploring the streets of a new city with all its twists, turns and surprises; then look no further than Vienna. A treasure-trove of arts, history, dining, music, and majestic architecture, it's no wonder that Austria's cosmopolitan capital has been voted 'most liveable city in the world' a record-breaking nine years in a row. Expand your mind with a plethora of masterpieces in the enormous museum district, or simply indulge your sweet tooth with a Sacher Torte and coffee. Or why not follow in the footsteps of Orson Welles by touring the locations from the classic film noir The Third Man? At the end of a busy day, you can unwind on the gently flowing banks of the Danube Canal in one of the many vibrant bohemian waterfront bars.

Fly direct to Vienna from Heathrow.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – for a romantic getaway

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Step off the plane and into a place unlike anywhere else in the world. Old meets new in this thriving, unforgettable city where you can as easily marvel at beautiful golden statues from the past, as crane your neck at the dizzying heights of Petronas Twin Towers; the tallest twin buildings in the world. If you feel like being spoiled you can treat yourself to a night of opulent fine-dining; or simply relish the joy of authentic Malaysian street-food as you dive into the buzzing bazaars and of this exciting multi-cultural metropolis. Slow things down with a bike ride or nature hike with numerous excursion options just a short trip outside of the city. Enjoy the luxury of a five star hotel and spa at the end of a long day's exploration or whirlwind night of music and dance. Truly, Kuala Lumpur is a place to fall in love with.

Fly direct to Kuala Lumpur from Heathrow.

Prague, Czech Republic – for a long weekend

Prague, Czech Republic

If you've never been to Prague, you're long overdue a visit. Just two hours away from London by air, the gothic and regal capital city of the Czech Republic has a charm and mystery that makes it feel like a whole other world. Visit the eerily beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral or stroll across the Charles Bridge and into the historic and sprawling Jewish Quarter. One of the prettiest cities in all of Europe, you'll love watching the sun go down behind the majestic castle, or simply whiling away a lazy hour with glass of wine or locally brewed beer as you overlook waters of the Vltava River. Just don't be surprised if you go for a long weekend and yearn to return to Prague soon as you get home!

Fly direct to Prague from Heathrow.

Casablanca, Morocco – for something a little different

Casablanca, Morocco

Most visitors to Morocco are likely to make a beeline for the more famous Marrakech or capital city of Rabat. However, there's much more to Casablanca than the classic Hollywood film of the same name. Those willing to buck the trend and see more of this beautiful country will be rewarded with incredible sights, sounds, tastes and experiences; for a fraction of the cost. Explore the bustling medina without the same crowd of tourists. Marvel at the grandeur of the King's Palace or the waterfront Hassan II Mosque. See the whole city illuminated by night from the vantage point of the Sky 28 cocktail bar, and enjoy the live music. If you feel inclined to turn to the pianist and say "Play it again, Sam," well... Who could blame you?

Fly direct to Casablanca from Heathrow.

Seychelles – for something that's bound to please everyone


Why not make next year a truly special experience, with a luxury trip to this genuine tropical paradise? Formed of 115 islands in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles are a place where any stress melts away in the blink of an eye. Relax beneath palm trees on a beautiful unspoiled sandy beach, and enjoy fine food and drink from your five star all-inclusive hotel. Take in the sights of Victoria, the smallest capital city in the world and home to many charming markets and stunning ancient temples. Or if you're feeling a little adventurous, you can always try your hand at water-skiing or swimming with dolphins! No matter what you're looking for, you'll come away from your Seychelles break feeling like a whole new person.

Fly direct to Seychelles from Heathrow.

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