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9 nifty holiday packing tricks for a smoother trip

9 nifty holiday packing tricks for a smoother trip

Are you the type of person that likes to pack everything but the kitchen sink?

When thinking of how to pack a suitcase, we all know that we should pack light - but it’s often easier said than done. Whether you throw in an assortment of clothes on the morning of your flight, or organise every item alphabetically, we all have our own packing style.

Of course, for those occasions when you can’t pack lighter, just pack better!

Here are some clever holiday packing tips to help get more from your suitcase - increasing the space and reducing the waste.

1) Suitcase size matters

Before you start packing a suitcase, think about the size you need. Too small, and you’ll face some tough choices about what to leave behind. Too large, and the contents will rattle around inside. You don’t want to find yourself packing extra items just to fill the space.

Be sure to check the details of your airline’s baggage allowances before you pick which case to take with you.

Any items you’ll need during the flight - like books, tablets or headphones - can go in a carry-on bag. Again, specific airlines have varying carry-on policies, but when going through security at Heathrow Airport, the limit on hand baggage is two bags per person, each no larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm.

2) Think outside the box, bottle or tube

A plastic contact-lens case makes an excellent travel case for skincare and hair products that come in large bottle or tubes. Liquids must be in containers of 100ml or less when brought as carry-on, so make certain any items larger than this are included in your stowed bag.

3) Stop the spills

For spill-proof packing, unscrew the lids of plastic bottles and reattach with a piece of cling film between the bottle opening and cap. This creates an extra seal should the cap become damaged in transit, saving you from any nasty leaks.

4) Roll with it

Roll with it

Have you ever thought about how much suitcase space you can save by tightly rolling clothes up instead of laying them flat? This technique comes with the added benefit of preventing wrinkles. You’ll look look sharply dressed every day of your holiday, without losing any leisure time to ironing in your hotel room.

5) Use your shoes...

What about packing small items like toiletries and chargers inside shoes to keep them in place?

6) ...and your socks

A rolled up pair of socks makes for a great way to store small items like coins neatly in your suitcase, without needing to bulk out your wallet with excess weight.

7) Protect your neck

Will your trip combine business with pleasure? Or do you just like to look smart when abroad? A rolled-up belt placed in the neck of a shirt can help keep the collar stiffly in shape, so there’s no need to compromise on style.

8) Keep things fresh

For an added touch of freshness, consider adding an ordinary tumble dryer sheet to your bag. The contents will smell freshly laundered, even after hours in the luggage hold of a plane.

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