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The fastest way to relax on the move

The fastest way to relax on the move

How to relax on holiday

Whether you choose the hustle and bustle of a vibrant city break, or prefer to recharge your batteries with a luxuriously long break in the sun, we all love it when that 'holiday state of mind' arrives.

Little by little, that perfectly relaxed feeling sneaks up on us, without our noticing. The stress melts away, until we suddenly realise we're there - chilled out and feeling great, without a care in the world.

Sometimes this transformation takes a while and the worst situation is when we don't truly relax until the very last day of the holiday, when it's time to go home!

To help make sure your holiday calm arrives as soon into your trip as possible, here are four simple tips to get you to your happy place faster:

1) Do your research

Holidays seem to fly by, and they always go too fast. You don't want to spend your precious evenings away walking the streets searching for a good restaurant. This approach will only lead to hungry bellies, hot tempers, and disappointing dinners.

Why not use Spotted By Locals or Gogobot to search your destination for recommendations from real people just like you before you go? You can filter the results by price, cuisine, or other special requirements for a personalised view of what's good, what's great, and what's worth avoiding.

2) Let yourself be surprised

Keeping this first point in mind, it's still a good idea not to plan too much, or just to be ready to take a chance when the time is right.

Just because you've looked in advance for some top local tips, doesn't mean you can't be bold and try something unplanned. Sometimes the best thing to do is step into the unknown.

Don't be afraid to be flexible and do something different. This New York Times travel article on the lost art of "getting lost" offers some great inspiration in this area.

New experiences make the best memories, and turn a good holiday into the trip of a lifetime. They do say to take the road less travelled after all.

3) Don't read your emails

Try not to be glued to your smartphone. The only things you should have to read while on holiday are travel guides, a few good books, and local restaurant menus.

Aside from that, checking your email inbox will only pull you into thinking about work and cause unwanted anxiety. Give your holiday the respect it deserves, and leave your emails at home.

If it's absolutely essential for you to be contactable, it's much easier to make the telephone number of your hotel available to your colleagues and family. Let them decide whether or not their question is important enough to disturb your trip.

Aside from that, leave your inbox alone and get on with living the good life.

4) Let us take care of the parking

The last thing you want on the day of your flight is extra hassle. So why not leave the hassle to us?

With our straight-forward and secure Meet & Greet parking service at Heathrow, we park your car while you get on with catching your flight. What could be simpler?

Book your Meet & Greet parking at Heathrow today to see our full range of options.

That means more time for getting ready at your own pace, and less rushing about when you should be relaxing.

After all, what else are holidays for?

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