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Four tips for a stress-free holiday

Four tips for a stress-free holiday

Half the fun is getting there… or so they say.

Travelling from A to B can be difficult at the best of times. With tight schedules to keep and so many things to remember, by the time we arrive, we’re often too wound up to relax.

We want you to start enjoying your holiday sooner. With these tips for mastering the art of stress-free travel, you’ll be in for a smoother journey and protected from the airport-blues.

Make a pact to relax

Holidays are for having fun, not checking emails. That familiar feeling that you’ve forgotten something can nag away at you like a grain of sand in the tanning lotion.

Keep work at bay when going away; jot down everything you need to wrap up beforehand. Getting an early start on planning can have a huge impact on your mental relaxation. Don’t forget to:

  • Print out any booking confirmations
  • Pre-book a taxi to your hotel after landing
  • Set up an out-of-office email
  • Make a list of tasks for handover at your job
  • Arrange for pet-care
  • Read up on the best local restaurants

Most importantly, promise yourself that once you’ve left the office, you really will leave it behind.

Have you seen our articles and guides? They’ll help prepare for your destination with ease no matter where you’re jetting off to.

Don’t rush yourself

Four tips for a stress-free holiday

The most common cause of travel-related stress is the fear of being late. Time-planning is a real challenge when there are so many factors outside of your control.

Use Google Maps to work out the best route, and test different options by changing the “leave now” button to your real planned departure time. If travelling through London, visit TfL’s official Traffic Checker for up-to-date information on expected delays.

On the morning of your journey, don’t forget to check your flight information for any changes. As a general rule, it's a good idea to arrive three hours before long-haul flights. When travelling to Europe, two hours before departure is more than enough.

Information about expected walking times between Heathrow terminals is available here, so you know how much time you’ll need to get from our area to another.

If you do end up short on time on the morning of your flight, you can always drop your car last minute and let us park it for you. Just call us on 0344 335 0901 to let us know you’re in a rush.

Start the fun sooner

Many people can’t relax until they’re on the plane, but we say that’s a missed opportunity. Don’t spend your time at the airport with your eyes glued to the departures board. Treat yourself!

For a taste of culture, don’t forget to visit the T5 Gallery at Terminal 5, a permanent fine art gallery exhibiting work from established and emerging artists.

Why not enjoy a massage while you wait? Be Relax offer relaxing massage and spa treatments. The No.1 Traveller Lounge, in Terminal 3, features highly-skilled masseurs, manicurists, pedicurists, and even a champagne bar. Book your spa visit online.

One last thing…

Don’t forget to book your airport parking with us. Whether you book weeks in advance, or right at the last-minute (up until midnight the day before you park) you’ll get the same great value, stress-free parking.

With the closest long stay spaces to Heathrow terminals 2-5, and the option to have us park for you, you really can start enjoying your holiday sooner.

You're good to go. Bon Voyage!

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